TPU un-pneumatic wheels

TPU un-pneumatic wheels

 SIZE: 6” ~16”


  • Other manufactures use PU foaming processing that uses Freon that destroys the ozone shield
  • The PU solid and PVC tire produce Dioxins
  • Rubber pneumatic tires manufacture with vulcanization contribute to acid rain

Never Flat

  • Best Wheel Solid tires are always flat free even it penetration by nails, broken glass or other items

Never become chapped or rigid

  • Rubber tires tend to chap because of oxidation
  • Rubber tires become rigid because of oxidation

Never Fade

  • Resistant to UV and fade proof

Never too heavy:

  • Compared to other wheels Best Wheel's "N" Wheels are about
    1. 1/2 times lighter than PVC & PU-type wheels
    2. 2/3 times lighter than pneumatic type wheels

Never maskes a noise:

  • Excellent property in the absorption of vibration. N Wheels make no noise at most operational conditions.

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